Estetik International Sağlık Grubu, İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa ve İzmir’de bulunan klinik ve tıp merkezleriyle bireylerin estetik ihtiyaçlarına kaliteli ve VIP hizmet veriyor.


Our Estetik International clinic in Ankara presents a professional service to our guests in Ankara and came the cities around it with its location in the city’s hearth. Our clinic at opposite of Sheraton Hotel comes to the fore with its closeness to Kuğulu Park, the symbol of Ankara and Seymenler Park, its interior place built by thinking the spacious and hygienic elements. Approximately 20 professionals of us serve in our Estetik International clinic in Ankara, where we honour to host too many guests of us, of the political and state lives. In our clinic in Ankara, ensuring service with its merry and emphatic professionals by using the last products of technology through a multidisciplinary perspective since the year 2010; The aesthetic surgery are also served besides the medical applications such as Spider Web Aesthetic, botox, filling, PRP, hair meso therapy, laser epilation, hair transplantation and treatments, Organic Hair Transplantation, slimming treatments, skin care, fractional laser, ultra therapy, Secret, varix treatments.


A wide open space, is being served with more than 20 professional team member, they provide a touch of magic solution. In Ankara Clinic we combine the Science & Art to provide the best treatment and after treatment service to our visitors…



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